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How will dearmoon bring my creative work to the next level to help all of humanity?

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What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?
- George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)
The minute that I heard about the dearMoon project – the desire to bring creative people to the moon and safely back to earth – I began to write a novel about their adventure. The title of the novel is "What if..."  My characters are based on real-life artists because of their creative spirit. The novel is best described as reality (rocket science)  mixed with a spoon full of fantasy (artists traveling to the moon!).
My sharp researching skills, developed through my education (M.Sc. in Earth Science) and over 20 years as a technical writer, allows me to research rocket science and describe the development of the Starship (success and failures), the astronaut spacesuit and life support systems.
The novel describes the circumstances under which each artist is chosen and their reaction to the immense spot light they are suddenly thrown into. It describes their struggles with how the opportunity of a life time is disrupting their personal and professional lives/goals.  
I explore the relationships between the artists as they build a team –  friendship, romance, and conflict, and resolution. My novel describes the artist’s  challenges, successes, and failures during their training for the greatest experience of their lives. 
In my draft, the artists are trained, and have just entered quarantine before the rocket launch.

What will happen next?

Going to the moon with fellow artists will allow me to answer these questions and educate humanity about:
  • How do artists/astronauts train for space?

  • How did the Starship come to be?

  • Who are the engineers building this rocket ship?

  • Who will support the astronauts for ground control?

  • How are human relationships challenged in extreme conditions?

  • What conflicts happen during the trip?

  • How do relationships change over a week when living in space?

  • What is the breaking point of each person on this flight? 

  • How does the team come together or fall apart during the adventure?

  • What does the Earth look from the moon?

  • What will be each artist's reaction to seeing the Earth from the moon?

  • How will the overview effect impact the artists?

  • What does the universe look like?

  • What is behind the dark side of the moon?

  • How does it feel to experience an Earth rise?


During the last two years I've dreamt of how this novel will end.  Will all the artists survive? Will it be a smooth flight? Does disaster occur on the Starship? Does a global event occur while the artists are in space? Will there be an emergency landing on the moon?   I would like the opportunity to participate in dearMoon to determine how this story ends.

ARE YOU willing to help the other crew members?

Oh! How I LOVE to bring people together.
Networking is my passion! 

I’m in awe of how human connections consistently has excellent positive outcomes.    I am very proud that I have invited up to 70 random women from all walks of life out for dinner each month (prior to COVID).  My growing network has helped:

  • friends re-connect after years since University,

  • create new friendships

  • friends find jobs

  • helped me find work

  • built stronger connections within the community

  • raised money for my favorite charities

  • encouraged friends to pursue their careers

  • helped make connections between strangers

  • taught people how to make sushi and develop a passion for new cuisine

  • helped friends in good and bad times.

I love meeting people who live around the globe. Travel is my family’s passion.  I have travelled to 27 countries and have  friends and co-workers in Europe, China, Australia, and Mongolia.

My favorite networking story is how I met my friend Lily Wang from Wuhan, China. We began emailing each other while working on a project together. I was the senior writer and she was the team lead.   Through our daily conversations over the last 14 years, we have experienced many stages of life together:  being newly weds, trying and becoming parents, career struggles, and the daily struggles as a working moms.  After chatting for 7 years, my family met her family for the first time in 2014. We returned for a second visit in 2019 to meet her second daughter.  Our hope  is that our children will learn each other's languages. Last year during the COVID lock-down, our son's class sent decorated paper airplanes to Tian Xi's class in Wuhan, China with messages of hope.

Aside from my passion of helping people connect by meeting face to face, I have more than 20 years experience writing technical customer documentation for Telecommunication companies in North America (Canada and United States).  As an interpreter of Engineering information for a non-technical audience, I thrive when helping people understand technical procedures and information. Daily, I write simple step-by-step procedures to configure software for servers that platforms.   I can help fellow artists with their networking requirements to promote their work on the Internet.  I can also be technical support for any questions they may have about using computers, the Internet, 4G/LTE and 5G.  I can help the artists stay connected while training for dearMoon or while orbiting around the moon (using Nokia's 4G/LTE network) by using Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype, and YouTube.


the artists

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The landscape artist

"For all those dreamers, follow your mission.  If you dream, dream


-Tim Bengell


Kyle is a passionate experimental artist who uses sand and gold leaf to create very large landscape installations.  He has always been interested in art. He loves art because the field has no rules. He dreamt and created his own version of art.


The drummer

Hope walks through fire and faith leaves over it.

-Jim Carrey


Bangoura is a master drummer from Conakry, Guinea, Africa.  He plays a drum called a djembe or jembe. The word jembe comes from the word "Anke djé, anke bé" which translates to "everyone gather together in peace" , which defines the drum's purpose.

The Photographer

When you love something, you'll always come back to it. You'll always keep asking questions, and finding answers. 
-Kobe Bryant


Jorge studied engineering because his goal was to become an astronaut. While taking time off from his studies he discovered his passion for photography.  With great care and drive, he learned with the help of many others, how to take stunning photos. As a result,  he grew his own successful business, while traveling around the world.

The Poet

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whos time has come.

-Victor Hugo


Dan discovered his love of poetry while reading late at night when he had trouble sleeping.  A former factory worker, who jotted down his daydreams while working on the line - his musings became the inspiration for his first children's book. The oldest of the artist chosen, he is in excellent shape because he runs.  He married his high school sweetheart and has four girls.

The dancer

Love many things, for there in lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.

- Vincent van Gogh


A classically trained dancer who is in the best shape of all the participants, including the astronauts, since she has trained every day to be a dancer from an early age.

The architech

Is life not a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?

-Friedrich Nietzsche


A successful architect who dreams of owning a female run architectural firm.   She visits schools in cities where she works (around the world)  to encourage girls to discover and following their passion. "Trust in the process and keep your dreams alive despite the thousands of hurdles and barriers that are put in your face."  The invitation to go to the moon has derailed her dream temporarily, but is hopeful that this experience and opportunity will help more than hinder her dream.

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